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Shopping, Dining, and Spas

Shopping in Benicia is a cosmopolitan, chic, yet relaxing affair. You'll find the style and fashion of upscale, international shopping for clothing, accessories, shoes, art, antiques, gifts and home decor. Each store offers one-to-one customer service and merchandise found exclusively in boutiques.

When shopping in Benicia, you can find everything from stunning original artwork to fashion-forward apparel. Given the variety of stores and the uniqueness of their wares, you may happen upon the perfect gift for a special friend, a one-of-a-kind collectible to complete your home décor, or a designer dress that you can only find exclusively in a boutique.

The main retail area in Benicia is First Street, where you can browse for hours against the dramatic backdrop of the city's waterfront, but there are many interesting shops scattered throughout the city, including within the intriguing collection of buildings called the Arsenal.  Modern shopping centers near Highway 780 offer even more options.

While enjoying a "Great Day" of shopping, outdoor activity or checking out the art scene and historic landmarks, lunch at one of the outdoor cafes or plan a leisurely meal at one of the many interesting restaurants throughout the city of Benicia. Dining choices range from classic American seafood to ethnic cuisine, fine dining to casual food, incredible burgers and hotdogs to gourmet fare, and hearty diner cooking to a multi-course feast with a French flair.

If you're in town to treat yourself, arrange a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial at one of Benicia's more than 40 spas with stylists ready to enhance your look. Or better yet, why not bring your friends and make a "getaway day" of it, with spa treatments, shopping and a meal together at your favorite dining spot.

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